How to Draw a Business Man

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A businessman is commonly associated with not just a specific style of dress but also things like briefcases. Draw a business man with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to draw a businessman. So our businessman is going to have kind of just like shortish hair because you know he's a businessman and it's important that businessmen keep their hair looking good and organized. And here's his eyes, nose and his mouth and then businessmen often have a very specific sort of look to them. They're often wearing a suit and tie, so they're collar is going to come down like so and they are often wearing a necktie and then they have a suit on if they're a real businessman and it comes down like so and then they've got this nice depending on the style of suit they'll have like maybe these lapels that come down. Actually this guy's arms are kind of short, let's make them a little longer. And this guy is, he is very happy a very busy businessman. The jacket comes down and has pockets in the front, maybe a button or two going up the front of it and nice pants, generally they'll have some pleats at the top, button fly and they have some nice shoes, usually with a little bit of a heel and of course, our businessman is carrying a briefcase, right? And this briefcase is going to be easy to draw. It's just a square with a handle and maybe a little bit of a clasp at the top and oh, we don't want to forget his other hand, there we go. Sometimes they have pinstripes on their pants, that's kind of a businessman look. And there you go, shoelaces. That is how you draw a businessman.


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