How to Draw a Sofa Chair

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A sofa chair has a big padded pillow in the back where a person would rest their head. Draw a sofa chair with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to draw a sofa chair. So our sofa chair has this big padded pillow in the back where you're going to rest your head when you're watching TV or what have you and then it's got this sort of side piece that comes out and comes down and an arm comes out from the side. It's like a big kind of a big pillow arm and it's probably got another kind of similar thing on the other side and another big fluffy arm like that. And then the chair part kind of comes out. It's like a big fluffy chair part and then there's the side and then there's this usually like kind of reclining piece that comes out and sometimes that part, sometimes there will be sort of you know these like little pillow knobs here that will kind of make the chair look a little more cozy like that. And this sort of pillow part here at the bottom which reclines will also have that kind of padding there and the chair goes in. So that's a really fluffy chair as you can see. And you can color it any color you want, once you have the basic idea of the chair you can go back in and kind of clean it up a little bit. I'm a big fan of cleaning up my work which is why I often draw in pencil and I recommend that you do the same. So, let me just go in and just take out some of these lines and make it a little bit smoother and voila you've got yourself a very comfy sofa chair.


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