How to Draw Scars & Bullet Holes

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A few different elements go into making a convincing drawing of scars and bullet holes. Draw scars and bullet holes with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to draw bullet holes and scars. So here is we're going to do bullet holes first of all in this sort of a soda can, right, say you're drawing a bullet hole. Now the hole would be just like a regular hole but then what would make it unique is there would be this sort of you know, piece that comes out from it that shows that it was actually pierced and so you can just go ahead like that and just and that could work for say you know, a door, same kind of token and just do, say you're shooting at like an abandoned barn door or what have you, there you go. And then if you want to draw scars say you have say here's your guy. So we're drawing a bad guy and the guy has scars on his face because he's a bad guy and just kind of draw like a, maybe a line and then you just go ahead with the rest of your face just like that. Maybe he has like a few scars because he's super bad you know, it's really just that simple and it's the same thing if say you have an arm with some scars on your arm. You want to just kind of draw a little bit of a line there and you can go ahead and take you know, a little bit of pink or gray or another color and just kind of accentuate it to make it look extra gnarly and you would probably do the same thing actually with the bullet holes. You would just go in with like a little bit of blue or something and just kind of accentuate where the material was sort of pushed outward when the bullet entered and that is how you draw bullet holes in scarves.


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