How to Draw Cars for Children

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You can break a drawing of a car down into a few different parts. Learn how to draw cars for children with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to draw cars for children. So basically a car consists of a few parts. It's go the top where everybody sits. It's got the front where the engine is and it's got the trunk where all your stuff goes and then of course, it's got these fenders where the wheels go. It's got lights, taillights and a tailpipe. So we'll do those wheels in there like that and then maybe some smoke will come out of the back and also the car has windows and then there's mom and there is little Johnny going to school. So you can make it that simple or detailed depending on how you see it. You can also just make a very simple box like that with your fenders and your wheels and just put whoever you want on either side. You know we can keep it as simple as possible. You can also maybe detail it a little bit more. Maybe this car has like a little bit more of a shape. This one is kind of rounded. We're going to give this one a little bit more of a shape, there we go. And it's got its headlights and its wheels and a couple little puffs of smoke coming out of the tailpipe and this one maybe we'll actually show the doors on the car and the windows and the door handles but any way you slice it here's a few different ways to draw cars for children.


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