How to Draw a Blind Guy

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Blind people are typically distinguished by a few specific things. Draw a blind guy with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Jessica, and I'm an artist. And today, we're going to draw a blind guy. So, your blind guy can really be any guy. It doesn't matter, you know, blind guys are all types. But, this guy, to really kind of show that the person is actually visually impaired, there's a few things that you can do. So, this is just a regular guy, not any type of guy at all, just regular, just a guy. Two legs, two arms, draw your guy. But then, what makes someone who's blind actually look blind to a normal person is they generally will have a cane that will come out from their hand. The bottom part is usually red. And then, there's like a little white part, and they'll use that cane to sort of feel around as they walk. And then, they will often also wear glasses - dark glasses, usually black glasses that are completely covered up. There's not really - you can't really see anything inside of the glasses. And then, this is just a regular old guy. Let's call him Tim. Tim just happened to be blind. There we go. He has a really cool spiky haircut, and he also has an earring. And, let's also give him a tie. He's on his way to a job interview. And, that is how you draw a blind guy.


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