How to Draw Your Own Cabinets

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Dimension and proportion are two important elements to a drawing of cabinets. Learn how to draw your own cabinets with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist. And today we are going to draw our very own cabinets. So we start with the top, there's a line that goes across. And then there's a little extra piece that kind of comes up like that in a lot of cabinets. And then continues upward. And this is to show a little bit of perspective. And I'll show you what's going on here. So we have a pretty big kitchen right. We've got two big cabinets here. Right now we are just kind of working on the shapes. And we've got two, lets do three narrow ones here. And then there's this cabinet here. And this one is a little bit bigger. And this one actually comes all the way down like so. And then it comes out like that. And then as it gets closer the cabinets are going to make this angle here and the perspective is going to change. Unless you are not drawing perspective. Maybe your kitchen is just straight on and that's fine too. It depends because these are your cabinets so you can do them the way you like. Now most cabinets will have this kind of rim, sort of where the wood is beveled. But they're not all like that. Some are or this could also be glass. Some cabinets have glass. And then they've actually got panes in the glass. So you can see all the dishes and things inside. If you are drawing your cabinets though you want to look at them and use them as a reference. And then somewhere on the cabinet is going to be a knob. That is universal. Just about every cabinet has a knob like so. Now if you are doing the perspective on the ones that are closest to you follow the line of the shape of the cabinet to get that perspective right. And then underneath there's going to be the counter space that comes out. Maybe there is a sink here. And maybe there is a stove over here. And maybe underneath there are a few more cabinets where some cleaning supplies will be kept and things like that. And that is how you draw your very own cabinets.


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