How to Draw an Adirondack Chair


When drawing an Adirondack chair you may want to break it down into a few parts. Draw an Adirondack chair with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to work on drawing an Adirondack chair. So this is not exactly a simple feat but if you want to break it down into some basic parts, it's got a back that comes up and around and it's got a bottom that also starts kind of back here and comes up and around like that and then goes back. And so, yeah, it goes like that and then in addition it's got these pieces behind it that kind of brace it into place. So it's got this piece in the back here and off of that comes the, the armrests of which there are two which those are going to kind of come more like this. And then it's got two pieces that come down the front like that giving it kind of this low rest. And then once you do your basic outline, you can go back in and actually this is, it's kind of a little bit closer than that to the back. So the back really leans back and then this comes out like that, there we go. That's a little more, that's a little better. And then it has these slats of wood that come down and there are several of them and you can just kind of draw lines to symbolize those. They're usually individual though so when you draw your chair, it would look something like that and the pieces together would equal one whole chair back like so, yeah. And that is how you draw an Adirondack chair.


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