How to Draw Folds & Wrinkles

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Finds and wrinkles can really help add depth to a drawing. Draw folds and wrinkles with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist and today we're going to work on drawing folds and wrinkles. So we're going to start with a T shirt and now the folds and the wrinkles that you draw are really going to vary depending on a lot of things. They're going to vary on the light source and they're going to vary on the item that you're drawing. So say we have our shirt here. I left the bottom unfinished for a moment because I'm going to show you something. So we've got our wrinkles in our shirt here, right. You can just draw lines and that will usually accentuate, that will show where you want your wrinkles to be and then to really show what is going on here you're going to back with a little bit of a darker color and you're just going to kind of line the area underneath or near the line that you'd like to be a wrinkle. And you can do this really anywhere you want, just kind of combine them together. To show an actual ripple in the fabric, we're going to break it and bring it in a little bit and then kind of continue it on right below it and if you do something like this, the line isn't going to continue in the same place. It's going to pick up in a new place. Now if you're going to take the shirt and actually turn it up for example, say this shirt, the corner is folded up. You're going to actually, you know, try to envision where the shirt would be. So say this corner is turned upward like that, right? Now it's not going to keep being down here because it's folded so now we have a line here like that where the shirt is folded upward and then you're going to probably just go in and give a little bit of a shading around the edge to accentuate that. And you might even put it at more of a dramatic angle. If you really want to show something that's folded, say you have a handkerchief and you want to fold up one corner of it. So say that is the corner that's folded up, you can just take that whole piece right off and put it on the other side up here and then you can go in and add your shading to show that piece that's actually folded up there. And that's how you draw folds in wrinkles.


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