How to Draw Knuckle Shading

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One of the great things about drawing your hand or working with your hands it that you have two models attached to your own body. Draw knuckle shading with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm an artist, and today we're going to draw some knuckle shading. So one of the great things about drawing your hand or working on your hands is that you have two models of your own attached to your body. So if you are interested in drawing some knuckle shading, you can use your own hand as a reference, which is so convenient. So we've got the palm that comes up, and then we've got our fingers, and our fingers, we've got basically five fingers, and they're all kind of round and long, right? And they come up, and the middle finger is a little bit longer, and then the thumb kind of comes up from the side, like that. And the fingers are actually usually a little bit narrower at the top, more like the middle here. We've got our fingernail at the top. Sometimes the fingernail actually comes out a little bit over the top, if you have tips or long fingernails, like so, and the thumb nails usually are kind of at an angle. And then we have sort of this basic kind of shading in all the same places on each finger. We've got two knuckles in each finger, there's the top knuckle and the middle knuckle there, so if you're drawing them on the side it would kind of come out and go down, like that. And then you would fill in that shading area there on the knuckle. You could also do a little bit of shading underneath in the same place. So, let's do a side angle of your hand. So your hand comes up like that, right?. And if you're not sure use your own hand, look down at your hand. And see, you've got kind of your pinkie, and then your next finger comes up, and then your next finger just a little bit above that, and then finally your pointer finger, because the other finger is your thumb. And same thing, just go through put a little bit of shading at each piece where the knuckle is. And on the thumb we've got a little bit of knuckle here and a little bit of shading right below the fingernail. And then also, you might have a little bit on the top like that. And that is how you draw knuckle shading.


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