How to Draw Trees in Perspective

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Different types of trees need to be drawn in sometimes drastically different ways. Draw trees in perspective with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Daisy. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw trees in perspective. So we're going to start with our horizon line and to show you this with a little more detail I'm going to draw a perspective grid so let's find the midpoint of the line and just draw lines coming out like so. Then we'll draw straight lines across so that's going to be our grid to draw our trees. So let's put a tree right here, just a straight up and down line on each side. Now this is a great grid for simple and detailed drawings. I'm going to draw some simple trees, color that guy in, give him some branches, really simple. Now, in perspective what we want to do is make sure that where they are sitting, they're going to be the right size so if we want to draw a tree here he needs to be the right perspective. So this guy is that sort of angle, so it will mean that this tree's trunk will be about this long. You don't want to draw it the same size. Little leaf pod, you don't have to get too crazy with the line work because all the trees are different and you can do whatever you like but I like to use the trunks as a good guideline. And the same goes for really small ones. If you want to draw a tree here, just use that middle line make a really small trunk and you can even go as far as going right down to the back so it's on the horizon line. And you can draw trees anywhere, they don't just have to be over here, this guy would be about this big. So there we go. May name is Daisy and that's how you draw trees in perspective.


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