How to Draw Muscles in Proportion

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When drawing muscles you'll want to take great care to make sure that they're in proportion with the rest of the body. Draw muscles in proportion with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Daisy, I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw muscles in proportion. Sp going to show you with an arm doing one of these. I can show you all the different proportion of the different muscles. So really simply block it in. Figure out where the actual arm's bones are going to be. Really block it out nice and simple. So you can look at yourself. But a proportional arm will be almost the same length. So this bone from here to here as it would be from here to here. So you can do that and just see. So this arm line would come to about here. And this would be the shoulder. So now for muscles I'm going to do them a little but more defined than mine are, and make them nice and big. So an oval for your main bicep. The elbow can be a little circle. Another kind of squished oval here where they meet. This is going to get a little bit shaded so don't worry about too many lines to begin with. And then when you get to the wrist, you can just draw a nice simple line because the muscles in that aren't so defined. And it's always nice not to go too crazy. So we're going to get rid of some of our straight lines. They're great to start off with, but we don't necessarily need them the whole time once we start filling in our muscles. Another good thing to notice is what goes on top of what muscle. So when I do this with my arm, This line goes above. So I'm going to make sure that happens rather than vice versa, having this line go above this one. So we're going to round this out, and then I'm going to start shading. Going to shade all underneath the arm. I don't want to get too detailed. Just really simple lines. Shade all up here. I can shade a little bit more into this oval whilst keeping that thicker line underneath. Switch the shading side over to shade on the inside of this part of the arm. And then with the hand, really simple muscles, couple little ovals. And then ovals for fingers for detail. And there we go. Once we clean up, we've got our muscular arm. My name is Daisy, and that's how you draw muscles in proportion.


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