How to Draw a Roman Gladiator

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Roman gladiators tend to be depicted in a very specific way with very unique clothing. Draw Roman gladiators with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Daisy. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a Roman gladiator. So we're going to start with the basic shape, a circle for the head, give him a big oval for a big barreled chest, an oval for the bottom of his body and then just draw a couple lines for the legs that we're going to fill in, same with the arms. So that's our basic structure of our man, give him a nice thick neck and then we're going to put his costume on top of him. So gladiators had big bits of armor with kind of like a cape over the top so we'll draw the cape to make it nice and simple. It's just some little curved lines coming out which create a little bit of ruffle and then over the front we're going to give him just a big half oval armor and then fill that detail in with a chest plate, just a couple rectangles. They can be as detailed or as not detailed as you like. They had little tunics like little skirts so let's give him kind of a rectangle for the skirt and put the detail for the rest of the armor over the top. So these are more rectangles that we're going to fill in but they're separated over the top of the tunic. And I'm going to fill that in just to make it stand out a lot more and let's get his legs in, nice muscley legs, big calf muscles, triangles for feet to make it nice and simple. Now they had little sandals that they wore so let's just put in some lines, that's the leather wrapping around the calf muscles that comes down all the way, nice and simple and then thicken underneath their foot to make it look like it's the sole of the shoe. So that's looking more like a Roman soldier. We're getting into the arms really simple hand, going to be holding a sword because he's going to be going into battle, really simple hand, ovals for the fingers and then last but not least the gladiator helmet. So we're going to do this kind of like an oval on an angle, cut across to where the eyes would sit so he can see through and then on top they have feathers right down the center. And we need to finish off his cape and that's about it. So we've got the top of it. We're going to follow through all the way to the bottom and there we go. My name is Daisy and that's how you draw a Roman gladiator.


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