How to Draw a Girl Ice Skating

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Drawing a girl ice skating is a great way to work on perceived motion in your art. Draw a girl ice skating with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name's Patricia. I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw a girl ice skating. So, when you're doing a girl ice skating, it's all about the form. So, this is going to be her back, and to the backside, her leg and then her skate. And that brings us up to, OK, I'll just make it more rounded. Really you want it to be graceful, long. This leg's going to go down here and you know what, it actually should be more like this, her knee holding her up. And then her front side comes up here. You know what, this long is too long. This line is too long, so I'm erasing it. All right. And then here arm, which is pointed back here like this. This arm is pointed this way. And you know you can of course make more detailing for the hand and the arm. But again, I'm just showing you a lot of the shape. OK. And then here are her shoulders and her head. And a lot of times ice skaters have buns. So, we'll give her a bun, an ear, nose, smile. You know what, I went from very large backside to a very small front side. So, let's try that again. But you saw the form. So, we're going to do this again. Again, here are her shoulders. And I'm going to make them wider so that they match with the back of her body. Her arm like this, and her other arm. And then again, think about the ice skater. Here's her neck, here's her head, and here's th bun, ears, smile, nose. Much better. I still feel that this head is a little small. Let's make it bigger. Notice how I'm just adjusting it to fit. Don't be afraid to you know, make your artwork work. OK. Much better. So, there's my ice skater. And you know what, this arm is, it seems like she's unbalanced. So, again, I'm going to go back, I'm going to put it back just a little bit more. Because I feel like this certain move looks better like this. There we go. Now, this is for the, you know, the ice skates and let's get the blade here. Of course her skates are going to be much more detailed. But I'm just trying to give you the shape and the form of the movement. All right. Heres's the ice itself. Come on ice, where are you? Here's the ice itself. There we go, better. And then, of course, if you want to draw lines here like the movement of where she's gone, you can do that too. And there is a girl ice skating. Enjoy.


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