How to Draw a Person's Head

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The shape of an adult head is an oval. Learn how to draw a person's head with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia, I'm an artist. And I'm going to show you how to draw a person's head. So the shape of an adult head is an oval. This is a very simplified version. It can have a chin we'll talk about it later. If you are doing a baby or a young child it's going to be more of a circle. And then we have the neck. Alright but lets look at the face. The eyes are right in the center of the head. And the eyes are separated by one eye width. So whatever the length of the eye on the person that's how far you spread out the eyes. If they have you know small beady eyes then you just have a really small separation. After you've done the eyes you can also do a line down the center of the head. And that's where your nose is going to be. And I'm drawing it like this. It's pretty much a triangle. You know if you do a triangle you'll have a nose. And then here the mouth is in between the nose and the chin. And I'd say it goes about a third of the way through the eyes so I made this a little long. If you stop right about a third of the eye you have the mouth. And here are the lips. And the ears they start at the eye. They go to the bottom of the nose. We have the eyebrows. Now lets focus on the eyes. I'm going to do an upper line for the eyelid. And for the eye itself, yes the eyes are circular but usually if you are looking normally at a person your eyelid covers a lot of the eye. So it's going to be a circle but with the top and the bottom cut off. And then you have a circle in the middle. And then you have eyelashes. And you can make it thick, you can add makeup whatever you want. And then the hair. And I always when I am drawing faces to teach do some kind of fun hair like this. And here you have, lets get there we go. Here you have a person's head. And now if you want to go a step further you can add angles in here. You know I made a quick line like this but they might have a chin. So you can make it more angular once you get to this point. You can do like a little thing under the nose. Lines for the cheeks. It keeps going on and on. Add as much detail as you want. But here is a simple face. Enjoy.


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