How to Draw a Snowman in 3D

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Drawing a snowman is quite a bit easier than actually building one of your own. Draw a snowman in 3D with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a snowman in 3D. Alright, so your typical snowman will have three levels, the first very large snowball and then the second his body, a little bit smaller and then the head. So here is your typical snowman. Alright so we have the three circles, just draw that and then let's do some detailing and then I'll start getting into dimension. Most snowmen have a cute little carrot nose, two button eyes, mouths made out of coal. Alright so we have the face. Let's get, we're going to put a pink top hat on this guy. So the top hat again we've got the oval here, oval here. So he's got a top hat let's do some arms, sticks for arms and let's see, buttons. Oh, you know, what let's do a quick scarf here. The sky is keeping toasty with a nice fashionable scarf. Alright and then we'll do some buttons and then I'm going to start doing the shading but we do have to make our snowman a little bit fancy. He likes to dress up, this snowman. Alright so you have the snowman, now you want to make it more 3D, it's all about the shading here. See how my circles are already coming to life. So, we'll do some shading around the edges of the circle. Now with the scarf you can shade a little bit on here and then of course, the face and the hat we can shade a little bit here and if you want to add, you know, some dimension to those sticks for arms you can do that but if you have a pencil just keep shading and get lighter and lighter and that will give your snowman a little bit of dimension and then, of course, you put a shadow on the ground for him and let's get some white back in here for, he should be in the snow of course and there you go. There's your snowman in 3D. Enjoy.


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