How to Draw Happy Wolf Eyes

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Drawing happy wolf eyes is a great way to get experience with dimension in your work. Learn how to draw happy wolf eyes with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Patricia, I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw happy wolf eyes. Alright, here we go, so lets get the wolf face down there first, you've got an arched line for the head or the top of the head I should say, some ears, wolves have some big pointy ears, the fur on the side of the head. Now, let's get, we're going to get his nose first and then we're going to get his face and because we're doing happy wolf eyes we're going to show our, a wolf with an open mouth, imagine that he has a big smile on his face. Alright, this could be, yes, okay, so we have our wolf face. Now, let's do the eyes, I don't know why this guy's so happy but he is, notice I do some what, it's, it's an almond shaped kind of, two pointed ends, rounder in the middle and this one is a lot smaller than the other one, let's get that even. Alright, so to make the happy wolf eyes let's use yellow and we're doing the circle, I'm doing circles of course at the top and the bottom is cut off and I think it's, you know when you're doing happy wolf eyes it's all about the facial expression as well so if you do a mouth it's kind of like upturned and happy then it makes the eyes seem happier but the wider the eyes, the more innocent your character can look so notice how I'm doing you know somewhat wide eyes for the wolf so it gives him a little innocence, hence happiness and then if you want to add some eyelashes that also makes it a little happier and less scary but I think when you add the innocence and what have you it looks more a wolf you'd like to meet but be forewarned I wouldn't want to meet a wolf if I were you. Alright, I'm just drawing and detailing here, but the eyes are happy eyes and there you go, there's a wolf with happy eyes, enjoy.


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