How to Draw a 3D Chandelier

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Drawing a 3D chandelier is a great way to work with depth and dimension in your art. Draw a 3D chandelier with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Patricia, I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw a 3D chandelier. Alright, so, when we draw a chandelier, it's going to be hanging from the ceiling. So, this is, you know, it looks like an upside down triangle for the hanging. We'll draw a line, and that's our ceiling. And then usually, chandeliers hang by chains. So, I'm doing circles for chains. And, you know, because we are going to do 3D, you can add some more shading in here. But, I want to show you the chandelier. Okay, so, we have our chain. And then, we have the chandelier. You can make it super fancy. There's some fabulous chandeliers out there. This one is going to be simple. I'm drawing a rectangle here. This is the base of it. And then, from the rectangle, we are going to have the lights. Now, what we're going to do is, remember, it's all about the line and direction. Here, what's closer and farther away from you. This one can go right up here. But, the arms that are closer to you are going to be bigger. And, notice how I'm using these angles to show how the chandelier - the view of the chandelier towards me. And, it gives you some three-dimensional aspects. Alright, so, here again I'm doing semicircles. And, this is going to be holding the lights. And, I'm going to shade this in afterwards for you. I just want to do a quick - and then this. You know what? Alright, so, we have our chandelier here. We're showing three dimension by the angles of the lights. And then, we can also do it by shading it in, making it thicker. You know what? I might shade it in with a different color so that you can see better. Fill it in a little bit. And, if I feel that I've made a mistake in this, at this point I'm also correcting where my lines might have not been so perfect. So, you know, while you're drawing something, always keep making it better in your opinion. Okay, so, here, can shade this in. again, if you want to give some shading to the chain. Okay, let's do some blue for some more shading. Let's put the rest of the lights in here. And then, I'm going to grab this so that you can see the shading better. There we go. Alright. Again, notice my angles and how I have worked them so that it look like a real chandelier hanging from the ceiling. And, there you go. Oops. here is a 3D chandelier. Enjoy!


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