How to Draw an Origami Flower

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Folding origami is one thing - drawing origami is quite another. Draw an origami flower with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Patricia, I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw an origami flower. So, when you're drawing origami, remember that it's folded paper, so you have a lot of angles. So, I'm going to start with an angle that looks like this. And then, I'm going to add in some petals, which are somewhat triangular, but they're bent over. You can make it more angular if you'd like. For instance, if you want the petal to be more like this, or you can round it off, because paper does, you know, hang - it can be rounded if you'd like. And then, here we're going to get into more angles, some triangles. These are the center of the flower. And, imagine the folded paper. So, I'm drawing folded paper right now. Again, here's the other petal, and you can make it more angular if you'd like when you're drawing it. Let's put one more petal over here. I'll make this one fairly angular. Alright, so, after that, we also have the bottom of the flower, which is also folds, and the stem. So, notice how I have a lot of the angles. And then, after this if you'd like, you know, you can shade in - let's see here - can shade it in if you'd like. This is further behind you, so it might be a little darker. And, if you have a pencil, this is a little bit easier when you shade. With the pen, it can be a little bit difficult. But, you know, feel free to shade in your origami flower. And, there you go, an origami flower. Enjoy!


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