How to Draw a Bichon Poodle

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A Bichon is a very specific type of poodle. Draw a Bichon poodle with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Daisy, I'm an artist and I'm here to show you how to draw a Bichon poodle. These are really cute dogs that look like little, white Teddy bears. We're going to start with basic shapes. So that's a circle for the head, and right under it a little bit of a bigger circle for the body. I'm going to draw this one, in perspective, looking at us, so kind of like a circle behind, to show you the backside. Connect these two up with a line that goes straight through. And a couple lines, just to roughly indicate where the legs are, so then we can keep going with detail. I'm going to bring this head down just a little bit. And then a couple of straight lines for the neck. And make that a little bit smaller. When drawing in perspective you're always going to be changing things. So keep your eraser handy. A couple eye line and nose line for the head. And then we have our basic shape. I'm going to fill in some detail by using our basic lines. So this leg, and I'm just going to draw a lot of curly lines cause these dogs are really fluffy. They're curly front legs. You can make, their paws come out a little bit more. Curly neck. Curly on the back. Curly back leg. So many curls. And this leg is just hiding back here, but it's there. Now they have really fluffy tails. So these ones are actually a bit more of a flick. And they come up a little bit. Now we focus on the face. So I'm going to draw a some more curls at the top of the head. Come down with their ears, which are kind of long. And they come down like so. And they have little circles for their eyes, just use the eye line and draw it right through the middle, and color those in. A little rounded triangle for the nose. And a little smiley face. If you want to draw a collar on. I just fill in a couple lines. Like so. And then just add all the curls in. If you want to shade it a little bit, I'd shade the back, just so it looks like it's going backwards. Same with the back legs. Now once you're happy with the amount of detail on the curl, just draw lots of little curly lines. We're done. And there we go. My name is Daisy and that's how you draw a Bichon poodle.


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