How to Draw 3D Castles

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You can draw a three dimensional castle by starting with a simple cube. Draw 3D castles with help from an artist who teaches art to children and adults in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw 3D castles. Now let's just start with a simple cube, imagine this is a very large castle and you can go anywhere from this cube. You can add towers, you can add more structures on top of the cube but this is our main fortress and so we have you know, the front gates. Notice how, you know, my cube is a square over here, you have the angled lines here to make a shape and from there you can build your 3D castle. Over here I'm going to do a tower. And I'm doing a circular line here. It's going to go up more, again a circular line and we've got our detailing in here. It's going to go around the back because it is 3D. Now we have one tower here, you know you can put some guards there. Over on this side we might have another tower, again it's circular so I'm going to do a semicircle line at the bottom instead of an open roof, we're going to have a closed roof and here I'm just going to do a little shading in the back. It's this, you know, it's the arced lines that are going to give you the feel of the dimension. There's a flag at the top, the window, you know you might have some more lines here, a deck or what have you. And then on top, again you might have more structures whatever you want, this is your castle, make it however you want. I'm just going to do another tower and I want to show you this roof. Again we have a triangle. I'm going to make it a pyramid right here and let's see, you'd do a little shading back here and let's put some windows up here and you'll see here I'm just going to fill that in a little bit. Alright, so here we have the dimension in the castle if you look. Now to shade it in obviously the light source is coming from this direction. I'm going to have it shade in here so we're shading over here, again shading on this side and then this is clean. So we'll clean that up a little bit around the window because the sun is shining on it and again look how my lines follow the wall. I'm still making it diagonal and here is your three dimensional castle. Enjoy.


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