How to Draw an Awesome Scarecrow

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An awesome scarecrow can make a great addition to a farm scene or even a comic strip. Draw an awesome scarecrow with help from an artist who teaches art to children and adults in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia, I'm an artist. And I'm going to show you how to draw an awesome scarecrow. Now the two most important aspects of the scarecrow are the overalls and the straw hat. So first I'm just going to do a layout. Remember the scarecrow is hanging on a pole. So here's the pole. And we have the head. Usually there's like a plaid shirt, here's the overalls. And then you know this is to scare away crows as you recall. Lets do, we are going to do the plaid shirt next. Lets see a collar. And you know I drew the circle for the head but there really isn't that much of a head on this scarecrow. There might be a sheet with a drawn face. Okay, the arms are out cause again usually there is you know sticks holding out the arms to scare you or the crows I should say. And then they usually use like gloves or something for the hands. So we'll put some big gloves here to make it look a little bit scary. Alright so we have the overalls. You know lets fill in these overalls a little bit. We'll do, lets do the pocket. Then we'll just you know do a little bit of fill in so you can see them. Alright. And then lets do the straw hat very important for a scarecrow. Okay notice how I have the semi circle here. And then I have the rim which is again just a long arched line. And then I'm filling this in. This is the straw woven to make the hat. You can you know do some lines here. It's the straw that's coming out. Some straw hats have textured or have straw everywhere. So there's the hat. And then lets just do, how are we going to do the face. Pretend this is black eyes. Their just cutout this is a sheet. And it's a cutout face. Cutout circles for the mouth. And then instead of having the circle here you might have a sheet that's wrapped up. So again this white is a sheet and it might be tied around the neck. So we'll put a little tie here. And then of course the shirt is usually plaid like I said. So we can put some stripes here. And you know we are almost finished with our scarecrow. I don't see any crows in the picture so he's pretty scary. Oh you know we forget or I forget one thing and that's the boots. Again you can just put a semi circle with a straight line at the bottom. And you have boots. And then the stick is in the ground usually in a corn field. And there is your awesome scarecrow. Enjoy.


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