How to Draw a Farm Scene

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A farm scene can include a number of different elements like crops, animals or even machinery. Draw a farm scene with help from an artist who teaches art to children and adults in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia, I'm an artist. And I'm going to show you how to draw a farm scene. Okay so we are going to begin with a horizon line which is green. Because I feel like farms always have green pastures around them. And then pretend this is red. This is going to be the barn. There's so many different types of barns but they all look something like this. Big enough to hold a lot of animals and a lot of hay. Here's the hay loft up here. Sometimes there's a little bar out of the hay loft so you can lift things. Alright and then we are going to make this somewhat three dimensional. Or we are going to make it have dimension. So I'm putting the side of the barn there. Alright. And you know what lets make that horizon line a little higher up. There we go. Alright this is, I'm going to erase this side. Alright lets see here, animals. Lets put, lets do a chicken first. There's chickens on the farm. So basically you know simple semi circle with an arched line at the top. A little beak, feet. And there you have a wing. Lets put some feathers on this guy, an eye. There you have a chicken. Usually chickens are white but this one will be yellow. And then I am going to draw a blue cow. Pretend that it's black and white but today I am doing a cow. Now cows have you know when you are doing a cow it has a somewhat rectangular shape. So you can start out with a rectangle. And then just the legs, the hooves. And I'm making the back leg shorter of course because it's farther away from the viewer. And then once you do this they have like a somewhat square head. We can do the nose. And don't forget the ears. Cows have big ears. There's an eye. Okay and then also the most important thing on a cow is of course the spots. So lets do the second ear. And then lots of spots. Again pretend this is black cause cows have lots of black spots. And then after the cow I'd say lets do a horse. And we are going to do a green horse today. And of course don't forget the horse has a long neck. And then again a somewhat rectangular body. And then four legs. I'm just going to do simple legs here, the tail. Now typically if you are drawing a horse it'll be more, the leg would be more like this. But if you've never drawn a horse before just do a straight leg. People will know exactly what you are drawing. Here's the mane. The nose. And then there you have it. There's your farm scene. You can always add more but this is a good start. Enjoy.


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