How to Draw Shoes on a Model

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You'll have to draw a model's full body, including their feet, if you want to draw them wearing shoes. Draw shoes on a model with help from an artist who teaches art to children and adults in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name's Patricia. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw shoes on a model. Now, usually when you see shoes on a model, you're looking at a fashion magazine and so we are going to draw a square or pardon me, a rectangle and this is our photo if you will. All right. So, let's do the feet, the shoes. Let's do, I'm going to do some leg or some lower leg and then the feet. Now, usually when models are wearing shoes they're wearing heels. So, this girl of course, is going to be wearing some smokin' heels. And she is going to be doing a pose for us. Let's see here, let's get the first heel in so you know what I'm going. All right. She has a very fashionable shoe, a big tall shoe. platform. All right. And then the ties. It's going to tie around her ankle. It's going to come up here and oops, come up here, but not from here. It's going go from here to here. And then she's going to have a beautiful bow. All right. And then she's also going to have a little strap here. And then you know, if you want you can also put detailing in the shoe. And there is your first shoe. Now, remember with models, they are always, always striking a pose. So, this second shoe is going to be, let's see here, she's kicking it out, and then let's see, it's going down, oh, follow distend and the legs are too. And again, same shoe of course, but she's, oops, excuse me, I've got too many pens in my hand, clearly. All right. Same thing, but the shoe is going in a different direction. So, let's get that shoe in there, again the strap. So, when you're drawing shoes on a model, make sure you're having fun with it. You know, make sure that your picture shows that it's not just any ordinary person wearing the shoe. And of course, if you get to this point, you're done. And there are shoes on a model. Enjoy.


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