How to Draw a Clown for Children

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A clown has a fun face that usually has lots of makeup on. Learn how to draw a clown for children with help from an artist who teaches art to children and adults in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Patricia, I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw a clown for children. Now, basically, we know that a clown has a fun face usually with lots of makeup on. So, let's draw a circle for the head, two ears. Sometimes, they have big ears, so, if you want to make big ears, go for it. Alright, and then we have the eyes. Now, remember, a clown has lots of makeup on their face. So, we're just going to draw this out. The eyes, everything else I'm going to do in pink. Let's see here. Got a big mouth. And, notice how I just do, like, a big kind of banana for the mouth. And then, the nose is just, you can do a big circle. And, let's see, let's do blue hair. Let's see how this looks. And, of course we're going to keep the top of his head bald, because I feel like most clowns have bald heads. Alright, and then let's do some eye makeup. And, there's all different kinds of eye makeup that clowns have. So, don't worry about it being correct, because there's no right or wrong. It just has to look a little crazy. Alright. And, let's see here. We still need, even though I put this for the mouth, let's get a line in here, just - there we go. Alright, so, that's your face. And then, as far as the outfit, let's do a nice green outfit. Clowns usually have big collars. So, notice how I'm doing two straight lines, and then a squiggly line. And, the collars are usually kind of accordion-style. So, basically, I have the squiggly lines, and then a lot of straight lines to give the effect that he has a crazy collar on. Just do a up and down line, and you pretty much got it. alright, and then the outfit itself. His collar's so big that we're not going to make - you know, it goes all over his top half, if you will. Alright, and then we have, let's see, don't all clowns have big red boots? We don't have red, but we can do pink. Notice how it's just a big kind of semicircle with a straighter line at the bottom. And then, let's do red hands as well. Just big, red hands. Alright, and then you can put stripes on his outfit, and you pretty much have a clown. Not too tough. Just have fun with it. You know, the crazier you make your clown, the better it will be, because people will know immediately it's a clown. Alright, there we go. And, there is your clown for children. Enjoy!


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