How to Draw a Soccer Goalie

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The soccer goalie is commonly found next to or inside the net. Draw a soccer goalie with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Krakosky and I'm an artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to draw a soccer goalie. We're going to start off with the head. You're going to draw an oval for his head, come down to a point for the chin and on the sides of the head, draw a half circle for one ear and a half circle for the other ear and then slightly above his head are his shoulders. We're going to start up here, curve down on an angle and we'll draw a little bit of the chest area, some curved lines and then continue down with the arm. It's going to be extended out and when you're drawing clothing, you're always going to put a little bit of waviness and some wrinkles into it. But this is going to have more than usual because his sleeve is going to be bunched up a little bit. So you're going to draw some curved lines overlapping leading down to the wrist and close that off, same thing on this side, bunched up sleeve, come down to the wrist and close that off. Now for the glove you're going to come down and draw the glove and then curve down and then back up for the finger. The other finger is behind it. Same thing for this side, curve down and up, the other finger is behind. Now for the rest of the shirt, you're going to curve down. There's going to be a bend right in the middle. So put a crease in there and then close off the shirt with a curve like that. And for the shorts, come down at an angle for both sides, put a curve for the bottom of the shorts and then angle up. Same thing for this side and for the actual leg you need a half an oval but don't close it, leave it open, same thing over here and a little curve for the actual knee. Now for the bottom of our leg, the calf, we're going to start right here. We're going to curve out and in and on this side it's going to be a slightly straight line. It's going to curve down a little bit but more of a straight line. Same thing on this side, curve out for the back of the calf and straight line and for the shoe it's going to be facing forward slightly so draw that curving out and then follow the shape of the foot. Same thing for this one and then the bottom of the shoe will be the cleats. You're going to draw little lines for your cleats and for the sock, draw a curved line up here, on this side as well and put a couple lines in there and once you have that, we'll go back in and draw some design in the clothing. We'll draw a couple stripes in the shorts and the same thing for the arm following the folds in the clothing you had drawn, just like that. We'll give him a collar as well and we'll go up here and draw his face. We'll give him an eyebrow, both sides, a little curve for the nose, a curve to give him a smile and then just two dots for the eyes will work and we'll give him some short spiky hair. So he's bent over a little bit just like that and the bottom here we'll draw the grass with some jagged lines for the grass behind him and then on top of that we can add a net, just some vertical lines across and then once you have those in, add the horizontal lines for your net. We can add some posts and that will do for that. You can make yours looking a little better than mine. And that is it. We can give a shadow down here if we want and you're done. That is how you draw a soccer goalie. Thank you for watching and keep on drawing.


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