How to Draw a Person Juggling a Soccer Ball

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A person juggles a soccer ball in a very specific way due to its size and the rules of the game. Draw a person juggling a soccer ball with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Krakosky and I'm an artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to draw a person juggling a soccer ball. You're going to start off with the face. It's going to be a profile of a face. It's going to be facing sideways so we'll draw a curved line, come down to a point for the chin and curve around like that. We'll add an ear, you do a half circle and we'll add the neck and draw some straight lines for that and we'll give him a collar, curve across like that. Start curing down for the back and then we'll add a half an oval for his sleeve. We'll have his arm coming out at an angle here and it's going to bend at the elbow. So bring the arm down like that and we'll leave it like that for now. We'll come back over here and finish out the shirt, curve down, come to a crease down there in the middle of the shirt and then curve up to finish off the shirt like that. Okay we'll finish up the hand now, give him a thumb, curve down for the finger. Then the other fingers, curved lines behind that. So this leg is going to be bent up so we'll close off the shorts like that and we'll have his knee coming out from these shorts and then a curved line for the calf and then a straighter line on the other side. For the shoe, we're going to draw a trapezoid and then the bottom of the shoe we're going to draw some lines for some cleats, quick lines just like that. And the other leg is going to be straight down so we'll draw his shorts, add a little bit of shading in that and then a curved line for the calf and a straight line on the other side. And then same shape for the other shoe, draw a trapezoid. And you've got your lines on the bottom for your cleats. We'll put the socks on him, draw a curved line on the calf, same thing on this side and the last thing before we get to the face, we're going to add some motion lines on the actual soccer ball, a circle bouncing off the knee and then of course, the black and white shapes. You've got pentagons and hexagons. It's a little small to tell here but those are the shapes that you'd see in the soccer ball. You draw a pentagon and then five hexagons surrounding it. So this will work for that. We'll go back up here, give him an eyebrow, an eye looking at the ball, a nose and a mouth. And we'll give him short hair and color that in. Then we can go back and add some design to the clothing, do a couple stripes on the shorts, maybe a stripe across the middle of the shirt and then a couple stripes going across the socks and then lastly we'll add the grass, some jagged lines where he's standing just like that and then you're done. That is how you draw a person juggling a soccer ball. Thank you for watching and keep on drawing.


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