How to Draw a Football Quarterback

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The quarterback is one of the most important players on the football field. Learn how to draw a football quarterback with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Al Krakosky and I'm an artist. Today, I'm going to show you how to draw a football quarterback. We're going to start off with his head. We're going to draw an oval for his head and we're not going to draw the helmet in there just yet. Next we're going to draw his neckline, curve down, come to a point and curve up and over to his shoulder, his shoulder pads on so his shoulders would be up a little further and then draw a rectangle over here to close off the sleeve. You could throw his arm in and his forearm, bent upward and once we reach the wrist up here, you can draw the football, a curved line on the bottom, a curved line on the top and we'd see his fingers coming up a little bit, so half circles on top of the football and then over to his other arm, his shoulder pad would be bent down over here, same shape, his forearm and we'll throw his thumb on here and his fingers bent. Then we'll give him a wristband as well and color that in. We'll do one over here too, you'll see a little bit of it and we'll finish off the jersey. There will be a lot of creases and wrinkles in the clothing especially when there's a lot of movement going on and down to his leg we'll draw an oval, put the first leg and the second one, same thing in the opposite direction and then some squares for some kneepads and his calf here is like it's bent and a trapezoid for a shoe. At the bottom of the shoe, line for cleats, small lines and the same thing for the other leg. The same shape for the shoe. His shoe is bent downward and then the cleats. And then once we have all of that now we can go back up here and add the helmet, follow the shape of the head, up to the brow line, then curve across and come down further for the ear and we'll color this in. Then we'll give him a visor, we'll come down further over here and curve across and then draw some lines crossing over each other for the mouth guard. Then we can go in and add some design on the uniform, some stripes for the legs. Do the same thing on the shoulders. We'll give him a number one. You can do a stripe on the helmet. You can do two stripes at the top of the helmet and then lastly most quarterbacks will have a towel with them for drying their hands or wiping them off and then last we'll add the grass that he's standing on and some motion lines for the throwing of the ball. And that is how you draw a football quarterback. Thank you for watching and keep on drawing.


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