How to Draw Perspective Elevations

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Mastering perspective will go a long way towards developing your talents as an artist. Learn how to draw perspective elevations with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. My name's Patricia. I'm an artist, and I'm going to show you how to draw perspective elevations. As we know, when you're drawing perspective, you have the horizon line and then you have the vanishing point. So, for roads going towards us it vanishes. Of course as mountains get farther away from you, we're going to use this road here to show our elevations as well. So, here we have some hills, the foothills. We'll pretend we're driving up to the mountains. This is our little car here, the kids are in the back saying, when are we going to get there. And steering wheel, all right. So, we're off to the mountains, the hills are in front of us, and then as they get farther away, what happens? Remember when you're drawing, and these are the you know, got some foothills, the mountains here. Now, the further away the mountains get from us, the lighter they get, because there's more atmosphere in between you and the mountains. So, here are the mountains that are in front of the mountains that we're going to. So, again you know, the mountains, I'm actually just filling them in but you really want to do something like this to show the way the mountains are flowing and there might be you know, depending on the line, this is how the mountains feel. So, notice how my lines are going up and down? And then here with the hills, you've a flowing line, because hills flow. See that? So, we've got the flowing hills, some more jagged mountains and then in the distance, the even lighter jagged mountains. These are you know, snow covered. All right. So, pretend there's snow here and here, and they get lighter and lighter. They'll turn into a bluish or purplish color. And then here again for drawing them, see how my lines are going in different directions? That's important to give them shape and form. Again, here I did it but let me erase this so that you can see just one more time. When we're doing that and I'm going to use my lighter color, so that you can see, see we're going to go up and down here? And this like the ridge of the mountains. And we're going down here. And then in the ridge, or pardon me, where the streams are, you can make it darker because it's more shadow than shaded. So, there you go. There are your mountains. Enjoy.


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