How to Draw Shaded Eyes

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Shading plays a very important part in how an image is perceived. Draw shaded eyes with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Patricia I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw shaded eyes. Alright, first of all let's draw the eyes and I'm going to do some beautiful almond shaped eyes and usually on a face, the distance between eyes is one eye length of the size eye you're drawing. So we have our eyes, let's see some beautiful blue eyes and then of course we have our eyebrows up here, you know what let's do it white. That way it won't clash with our shades that we're going to do and you can you know either do just long lines or more detailed ones for sake of time I'm just going to do some long lines. Alright, so here are our eyes you know you can fill them out and then of course eyelids usually have, or eyes usually have an eyelid. Okay, so there are eyes, now let's have some fun with it. Let's do some you know we can do some pink here, you can shade them in, there we go and then above it we're going to do an orange color, sometimes people like to do like half and half so we'll do half orange on this side and then half yellow on the other, this lady is looking very interesting, look at that shading. Alright, and then pretend this is black but we've got some eyeliner here can make it nice and thick, bring it up a little bit, let's give her some lashes as well, some beautiful mascara. When you're doing shaded eyes have fun with it, you know somebody's going to go all out then let them go all out. Excuse me, alright, sometimes you can get a little more shade in here and you can even make it go farther than the eye, give here a nose and there are your shaded eyes, enjoy.


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