How to Draw a Muscular Superhero

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Superheroes tend to be portrayed in a very muscular fashion. Learn how to draw a muscular superhero with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a muscular superhero. Alright, first we're going to draw the head and we're not going to put anything on it because many superheros wear a mask and I think that ours is going to be wearing a mask. I'm doing a really thick neck because if you have a muscular man, usually they have thick necks that just comes with the territory. Alright, big wide shoulders, this guy is a big guy. Alright let's just get the body in here, again wide and I'm going to fill in the muscles. Okay here's his legs, again channeling a very muscular man so very wide legs. Alright, let's get this up there a little bit more, his legs are a little bit longer, there we go. Okay now let's fill these muscles in. Again there's some arm muscles on the, here we've got some muscles and he's wearing a, actually we're going to put gloves on this guy, let's give him some pink gloves. I feel like you can get a lot more done when you're wearing pink gloves. Okay, oop, he clearly doesn't want to wear pink gloves today. Let's try yellow, yes, here we go. So some big yellow gloves and make them wide because they're covering lots of muscles. Alright, so again, bring these muscles over and then of course, lots of muscles here and here. You just really want to get these lines in there and again it's going to be wider. There's some nice big muscles on the upper leg area. So if you get the rounded lines in here just showing how wide his legs are then people will know this guy is very muscular. Alright, so finishing up, let's give him his other glove. Again, keep it big to cover all the muscles and then we're going to do, let's see, we'll do some boots, keep them wide because we still have all those muscles. Let's see here, alright, we're going to do an S, not for Superman but for superhero and then every superhero needs a cape. This one, of course, is blowing in the wind as all capes in motion do. Alright and then let's finish up by giving this guy a mask. We'll give him a blue mask so you don't know who he is, real easy and then he's going to have a pink Mohawk just for fun and a big smile on his face because he just saved the day. And there you go, there's your muscular superhero. Enjoy.


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