How to Draw a 3D Briefcase

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Drawing a 3D briefcase may require the use of a real briefcase as a visual aid. Learn how to draw a 3D briefcase with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia, I'm an artist. And I'm going to show you how to draw a 3D briefcase. Alright so we want 3D which means we've got to get those sides in there. This is the top of the briefcase. This is the side you know what I'm actually not being very nice to you cause there's a simpler way. Draw the rectangle first for the side. I was just you know channeling my inner artist and not doing it the easiest way. So basically if you draw the rectangle first and then add the sides it's a little bit easier. But you know it's good for you to see all the different ways you can draw it. Here again the briefcase opens so we are drawing two lines down the sides. And then on one of these sides we are going to have a handle. Lets do it in a different color so you can see it better. Here we have our handle. And often you'll see you know usually it's a nice leather. Briefcases are usually made out of a nice leather so it's thicker at the top. to give you a nice hold to it. And then of course there might be some very secret documents in here. So we have the latches and often times the latches will have locks on them. So don't forget lets see here. Lets get the white and we'll put our little locks. There you go. Alright and then above and beyond that lets get our sitting on the floor. And then we are going to do some shading. So do a little crosshatching on the sides to get this the feel. Notice how my lines are following the shape or the angle of the briefcase. And since I'm shading over here the light source is coming from this direction. Alright cause there's no shading here. And we don't need as much on the top. Alright there is your 3D briefcase. Enjoy.


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