How to Draw a Sakura Tree

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A Sakura is a very specifically shaped type of tree. Learn how to draw a Sakura tree with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a Sakura tree. Alright so the stump usually looks something like this. These are beautiful trees that you'll often see in Japanese artwork and basically they look something like this. The trunk is usually black, not blue but here let's see here, we have our tree and they're very graceful. Sakura trees are very beautiful and then the flowers are usually white or pinkish and you know, from far away, when you look it's going to be like this. You're not obviously going to see the details of the flowers, you're just going to see the beauty of the tree and so, you can shade it in with like a white line but they're usually you know, clumps of flowers on the branches. Notice how I'm just filling it in. Try to remember that it's graceful and beautiful so you really want to keep the graceful and beautiful aspect of it and as long as you keep that you'll have the feel of the Sakura tree. Alright, so remember there's some branches down here too. Now I'm going to show you the flower, the Sakura flower. You know what? I'm going to show you with a different pen because that one is being a little bit stubborn. See the edges? And I'm sure once I've drawn this you'll say oh I know what that flower is. I've seen this many times before and this is how the flower is. So imagine the tree just full of these beautiful flowers and then it has a circular center, lines going out from the center and that is a Sakura flower. Now you also might see it more organically shaped like this. So it doesn't have to be as perfect as the first one I drew. Remember it's in nature and it's actually going to be not so perfect but you might see this as well. But just imagine a tree full of these flowers and you'll have your Sakura tree. Enjoy.


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