How to Draw an Inground Pool

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An inground pool is typically encased in a large block of cement. Draw an inground pool with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw an inground pool. Alright, so, when we draw the pool what we're going to do is if we're looking at it, it gets wider as it gets closer to you. So, notice how the top line is shorter than the bottom line and I'm rounding off my edges. This is farther away, this is closer and you know what? I'm even going to put a diving board in here. Again notice how it gets wider at the bottom for perspective purposes, alright and then, a second line around the pool. This is for the tiling. Usually you know, you'll have lines here like this as well. Alright, so there's the outside of your pool. Now this pool, oh you know what, let's put some fancy stairs in. Alright, a nice little entrance to the pool. We'll add some stairs here. Alright, so we have the pool. You can add a ladder if you'd like. Alright, and then for the water. Let's see here. Usually it's going to be a nice blue depending on what color your tiling is. It seems to get darker around the edges so you know what? I use my lighter blue for the edges but, remember there's usually a reflection on the top but here I'm going to make it a little darker on the sides and there we go, we have our inground pool and to show that it is in the ground, I'm going to draw some green grass around it. Alright there is an inground pool. Enjoy.


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