How to Draw Types of Hair

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Different types of hair require you to draw them in different ways to capture their little intricacies. Draw different types of hair with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw types of hair or different types of hair and let's just do some heads, real simple ovals and I do this so that I have models for my different types of hair. Alright so the first is going to be one of my favorites, what I usually start out with pigtails, real easy. Notice how I do the curved line and then a curved line underneath, again curved line and you can put some hair on this side, hair on this side if you want. I'm just filling it in but you can also make the lines aiming towards the pigtail and you can give her a part if you'd like. So there's one hairstyle, pigtails. Another hairstyle which is kind of fun to draw, actually you know what? Let's make this one blue because it's a Mohawk, real easy, one big tuft of hair at the tuft of the head and you know it might be growing out a little bit so you might have some hair growing in so you can do dots for that if you'd like. Alright so we have pigtails and a Mohawk what's next? You know what, just a regular hairdo, you know you just draw the hair in and if you aim it in it will look more like a bob so here we have just hair that kind of flips out but if you make it like I just said, flipping in, actually let's do orange hair, shorter and flipping in and you have a cute little bob. Okay next we're going to do let's see, we're going to go back to, let's stick with orange. We're just going to do balding hair. This guy is balding on the top but he has hair on the sides, again, real simple. Oh, and then his friend was born with a nice head of hair. This guy still has all his hair, he even has some sideburns and his friend, as much as he likes him, he is a little bit jealous of the hair, he just doesn't tell him that. Alright, so here are different types of hair. Enjoy.


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