How to Draw Angels With Trumpets

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A trumpet is a very angular type of musical instrument. Draw angels with trumpets with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia, I'm an artist. And I'm going to show you how to draw angels with trumpets. Alright so first and foremost the head of the angel. And then the body. And notice how I'm doing just like she's flying cause I think most angels fly. And are always flying. Oh I gave her quite a big nose. Alright there we go and her eye, ear. Beautiful long hair flowing. Alright. And now it's trumpet time. You can, you know don't be afraid to erase. I'm just going to erase the face because it was annoying me. If something is bothering you change it. That's what an eraser is for. Alright so here's the angel and here is the arm. And she will be holding, you know what lets do a nice big yellow trumpet. And two long lines and a circle at the end. It's simple, very simple. And then of course she's holding it with her hand. Again I'm keeping it very simple. Alright so she's holding it with both her hands actually. So there's one in the back but you can't see this one as well. And then we have our feet. And you can make the trumpet more detailed. But you can tell this is an angel with a trumpet. And the one thing that we don't want to forget is the angel wings. Because if you don't have the wings then it's hard to tell it's an angel. Alright so let me see, I'm going to go back fix the hair a little bit. And we have an angel with a trumpet. Enjoy.


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