How to Draw Plastic-Looking Hair

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Drawing plastic-looking hair may be necessary if you're drawing something like an action figure. Draw plastic-looking hair with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw plastic looking hair. Now you may ask what is plastic looking hair and as far as I know I would say that it looks like plastic or it looks like fake hair. So we're going to do three examples of plastic looking hair or somewhat fake hair. Now, the first example of course is going to be pink because what is more fake than pink hair? If you've ever seen a person with pink hair and it's been real, well I'm impressed. So here we just have two pigtails and the color choice is important with plastic looking hair because if it's a color like pink then you know immediately it's not real. So here we go, we've got some ponytails. Notice how I'm just doing a very solid hairdo, you know, because if your hair is made out of plastic, it's probably you know, in one big flat sheet of plastic on there kind of. Alright, again, we've got the pink so here is one plastic hairdo. Let's do another. I was going to do yellow but in keeping with the feel of plastic looking hair let's do green because again, how often is somebody born with green hair? Again, when you're doing the plastic hair just fill it all in. You know you might have one area where it's lighter, you know, the light is hitting it but I'd have to say when you're drawing plastic looking hair, just keep it looking fake. This looks pretty plasticy, alright. Notice how I'm just filling it in, no rhyme or reason here. It's all about the green effect and blue is going to be the last one, what should we do? Hmm, I guess we could do just a long again I'm going to fill it all the way in but just a long hairdo. I'm thinking as I talk here that's why I'm not telling you everything. Notice again how I'm just filling it in. Now what else you could do is if you have this and you want to just add some long lines to it. You know if you did want to get a strand feel in here we're keeping the feel of plastic but we're getting some hair detail in there but it still looks like fake hair. Alright let's go back to the pink one because we didn't fill this in. You know what? This pink pen is being a little bit stubborn on me. Alright, let's fill this in and we will have three plastic hairdos. Here we go. Alright, so there is your plastic hair. Enjoy.


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