How to Draw a Rattlesnake Easily

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Drawing a rattlesnake is only as complicated as you make it. Learn how to draw a rattlesnake easily with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw a rattlesnake easily. So, when we do an easy rattlesnake basically we need the head. Do kind of a rounded line for the top of the head and then kind of a semicircle or an even more rounded line for the bottom and this guy is going to be, what do rattlesnakes like to do? They like to hiss and show their fangs. So, we're going to get some fangs in here. Notice how I just did two long upside down triangles and then a jagged line in between? That's all it is, real easy. So let's try that again. This guy has two sets of fangs, so we're going to do two longer lines, a jagged line and then little ones in between and then another long jagged line and then you can fill it in. Oh, but you know what? We don't want to forget that a rattlesnake has a tongue, again notice the two jagged lines at the end of the tongue. So this guy is hissing and sticking his tongue out at us. He means business. Alright, so, I'm filling in or shading in the rest of the mouth and this would be, you know, if you're using a pencil, make it really dark so that the teeth and the tongue shine. Alright, so moving right along, we have the eyes and then we have the body. Rattlesnakes usually get up and hiss, they can have a coiled body and they also have a rattler and that would be something like this. Basically his tail gets thinner and it looks like this and you could even do something simple where you just to two circles next to each other all the way up and that's the rattle. Here is the back and on the back we have some shading. I'm just doing some quick shading, you know, there is usually, you know, you can make it very detailed if you'd like. I'm just doing some quick spots to give the feel of a rattlesnake. The detail is not here but you know the spots are here which is the most important and then of course this and so basically you know, just draw the head, you don't have to have the mouth open. You can have it closed with the little tongue if you want, draw the body. It can be real simple, just a coil, not even that you can just draw it straight if you'd like and make sure you have the rattler, that's one of the big elements and the tongue, fangs if you want. There you go, there's your rattlesnake easily. Enjoy.


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