Tips on Drawing a Crumpled Paper

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Drawing crumpled paper might not be as easy as you think. Get tips on drawing a crumpled paper with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patricia. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw crumpled paper. Now when you draw the crumpled paper I'm going to do an actual piece of crumpled paper. This is something that is bound for the trash or for a still life who knows. Okay basically we get the outer image of the paper. It's crumpled so you've got lots of lines going all different ways. Some might be rounded but mostly think jagged, think geometric lines. Those are your straight lines and your jagged lines as opposed to organic. Now here you've got lots of you know, the crinkles in the paper, keep it loose but still keep the straight lines, the jagged lines. This is all about shadows here, you know, crumpled paper, there's so many different shapes that you might have once you crumple a piece of paper but as long as you keep that feel in there, the jagged lines, the shading, you'll have an image that portrays what you'd like to portray. Okay here notice how I'm just doing these geometric kind of crumpled lines, now I'm going to start on my shading. So once you have the outline here you can start shading. You can, you know, if you're using a pencil you might have already started your shading which is fine. You know, it's really you just want to portray a piece of crumpled paper. Let's see here, I've got lots of angles, lots of creases in the paper if you will. Let's see, and in this case pretend the light is coming from this direction so kind of down towards it and then once you have this, you know, I'm using you know, one single pen here but I do have more pens. So once I have the feel, then I'm going to take possibly darker lines. You can do the same thing with a pencil, just press harder but now I'm going to really get some darker edges in here where I want to shade it. So, you know, look at, it might be easiest if you actually crumple a piece of paper and then look at exactly what you're drawing and when you see the dark darks make your pencil lines really dark where it's not so dark, just do light pencil lines but really keep those organic lines in there. Notice how I'm adding more lines in here and there you have a crumpled piece of paper lying on the floor. Enjoy.


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