How to Draw Horror Comics

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Horror comics are a great way to experiment with content that may tonally be a little darker than what you're used to. Draw horror comics with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, what's up? Chris here. And today we're going to be learning how to draw horror comics. So, first lets start by putting our story boxes together. So, we'll do three. OK. Now, since it's a horror comic, we're going to start with a scenario of, this would be alive. And We're going to go up a little higher here and this will be the other foot, going that way. So, Now, this is giving the illusions that the monster is walking this way. So, we have a footprint here, and the other footprint will be here. And this footprint will go about here. So, what we do is we'll take another marker, a thicker marker, and we'll shadow that in, easy. Shadow that in. And then you could add like little sounds like uuuuuuugh!, have that going across. Draw some creepy lines to emphasize it. Then in the next shot, you can have a person here. This is the face with her eyes open. They're screaming in shock. And your.. like that. All right. That's the other eye. Person's standing there as the zombie hand reaches for them. And these are the fingers coming around. This goo is dripping. You know, hands reaching, little emphasize marks. Finally, on this one, we will do a zombie from the back perspective, walking away. And we'll do this leg in front and this other leg is in the back, showing the zombie is in front of you, walking away. And we'll draw these lines here. And as he's walking away, we'll just draw this guy on the floor. He's very vague with shadowing, and he's dragging him away. And that person's laying there and the legs could be going out of frame. And you could just shadow that in there. And then have the Uggggggh!, the lettering. And so forth and so on, and the zombie is walking off. Also you could top it off by making his shadow. And there you have it. I'm Chris, and this is how you draw a horror comic.


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