How to Draw Emotions in a Comic

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Just because you're drawing a comic strip or comic book doesn't mean you shouldn't focus on emotion. Draw emotions in a comic with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, what's up? Chris here and today we're going to be learning how to draw emotions in comics, emotions of the characters in the comics. So the first thing we want to do is we want to give ourselves two boxes, to you know, like the frames that the comics are drawn in. So we'll give ourselves two of these, a line down, two lines across, two lines down and there you have it. So, these are our two boxes, so you would start with the first if you were drawing someone's eyes so you would start with the hair over here then you'd bring the face around, the ear and then it would go down, one eye would be like this. Then you have the nose, another eye, a line up here, a line up here, and the eye is down there and the mouth open and so forth and so on. And these little symbols show you that this person is in shock or so forth and over here, if you had a person we'd draw the hair, come down, here's an ear, there's the hair, we'll bring the face around, here's the nose and the lines going down with the eyes like this. There's a chin, bring the line down, here's the neck, a little collar, even a tear, now you're showing that this character is sad. It's all about the eyes. You could draw lines down like this, then the eye, then the nose. So now wherever you place the eyes it's like the person is sad, you know, lines above the brow and then you have the mouth and so forth and you know, you could do the same with the eyes if you're doing happy eyes like bright eyes, then it's like lines like that. Then there's your nose, then the smile and you're showing that the person is happy. So basically it's the eyes, lines up and over usually happy, lines up under, coming down in a curve, that makes the person appear to have sad eyes. I'm Chris and this is how you draw emotions in comics.


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