How to Draw Chibi Kittens

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Chibi kittens are kittens that are smaller than normal. Draw Chibi kittens with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Daisy. I'm an artist and I'm going to show you how to draw Chibi kittens. So we're going to start with a big circle for the head and then a couple smaller circles for the body and then connect them all up, the neckline that comes around the bottom of the two smaller circles and then this one that goes over. Now, we're going to do some legs, so using these two circles, keep them in for a little bit, we're going to taper the legs down and draw some little paws which can be little ovals at the bottom of the feet. And then the same with this side, use these ovals, taper some lines down and another little oval to make the paw. Same with the back, just a couple little legs. Now the tail is going to come out the back here and you can just make this a curly line kind of like an S that connects there. So that's the body. Now let's focus on the head. We're going to do a big circle for the eye and then instead of coloring in the whole bit we're just going to do a half eye kind of like it's squinting, it's extra cute that way, big pupil and you can even make it so it's double color and then some highlights in the eye. Now here I'm going to draw the nose because he's kind of looking like this to the camera. The nose will come out a little bit so we can just put that anywhere and it's just like a little curved line like that, a little triangle for the nose and then we see this eye a little bit so let's put some reflection in there and then color it in. Now I'm going to put some little triangles at the top for some tufts of hair and then big triangles for the two ears. Now this ear we see at the front so I'm going to do another triangle in the middle, color that in so we can see the inside, finish this head off like so, a little triangle for the mouth and then three flecks for whiskers. And there we go, my name is Daisy and that's how you draw Chibi kittens.


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