How to Draw a Hippocampus

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A hippocampus, not to be confused with the part of the brain of the same name, is a mythological seahorse with a fun for a tail. Get tips on drawing a hippocampus with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, this is Chris here and today, I'm going to show you how to draw a hippocampus. Now, there's two different definitions in the dictionary for what hippocampus is. The first one, is a mythological seahorse with a fin for a tail. The second one is part of the brain. I thought that the seahorse was a little more interesting. So, that's what's I'm going to show you how to draw, today. Basically, if you want to start off, you're going to want to do a swirly line from the top and then, around, and a circle like that. So, it's almost like a little squiggle. This is going to end up being the tail here,and this is going to be the head. So, what you're going to do,is you're going to put two ears at the top. Kind of go down towards the snout, around and then, finish off with the cheek. There you've got the eye, you're going to do maybe some gills here. And then, maybe a little bit of a snout. You're going to finish off with the chin, that's going into the chest. Do some, maybe weird fin like arms. And then, maybe another one kind of going up. We kind of make him a little, a little bit more like monster like, or fin like, however you guys want to do. We're going to come back around for the bottom part. Now, it's going to start turning into a fish here. When you're going around, you're going to have to notice, where the lines break, so you don't draw over them. Like, right here, this part of the tail is going in front of the other part. So, you want to make sure you erase that original line. Now, we've got a tail, so we're going to draw a little fish tail, kind of going up, like that. It's kind of an interesting looking guy there. I'm going to get my green and I'm going to draw some, some lines for the tail. Maybe, fill this in a little bit, just at this part. And then, maybe do some scales, which kind of go down like that. And you can just flush those out, however you want. I'm using green, but maybe you can use silver, you can use gold, really do whatever you kind of want. Just show a little bit of a reflection off, of the seahorse there. Maybe, if you want as well, you can put some spikes on the back, just to kind of represent a mane, whatever. But that's a hippocampus for you. Stay creative and good luck.


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