How to Draw Anthropomorphic Heads

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An anthropomorphic head is a non-human thing that you put human features onto. Draw anthropomorphic heads with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys! Chris here, and today I'm going to show you how to draw an anthropomorphic head. That might sound kind of strange to you, but basically, an anthropomorphic head is a non-human thing that you put human features onto. So, basically I thought, like, a robot would be a great idea. So, let me start out here by draw a one line kind of going slightly at a little bit of an ark, but not too much, and another one on the other side. That's going to be the sides of the head. I personally, for my robots I like to make the head a little bit round. So, I kind of draw a little rounded edge at the top, maybe some circles, maybe they're bolts or lights or whatever going around the side, and kind of make those in an ark, because when a head is kind of - it does ark around the front, so you want to make sure that you're making it look a little - giving it a little dimension that way. Maybe you want to do, like, a little antenna at the top. Maybe it's, like, emitting some radio signals or something. These are obviously all the non-human qualities. Then, at the bottom, this area's going to be about the chin. So, going to draw a little bit of a chin there. And then, I like to draw on my robots for their mouths almost like a rectangle, kind of a little bit dipped in on the sides. And then, we can draw, like, almost like a heart monitor kind of looking line, almost like he's talking, but it's electronic. And then, for the eyes, I just do two lines down the sides there, and then a couple half circles, like he's looking at the side. I draw in some pupils, and then maybe a nose, just like that. And then, can't forget the neck. The neck goes down like this, couple lines on the side. And then, you want to do lines around to show that it's kind of a cylinder, or a round-looking neck, and doing lines that dip down like that on an object like that gives it a little more dimension. But yeah, maybe, I mean, this could be pretty much your robot. If you wanted, you could also add more bolts or whatever you wanted to the thing. Just get very creative with it, you know? And, just do your thing. But yeah, that's basically an anthropomorphic head for you. I'd like to see yours, so, enjoy.


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