How to Draw Male Pectorals

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Drawing male pectorals is a great way to get a quick anatomy lesson. Draw male pectorals with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, this is Chris here and today I'm going to show you how to draw male pectoral muscles. So a little of an anatomy lesson here we're going to start off with the rib cage and you're going to start off drawing a line just across the top here almost kind of like a rectangle but it's going to have a dip in the middle that kind of goes in and this is going to be the chest area and then the, the pec muscles are going to be up here so you're going to like make it almost like it's a mask and that would be where the eyes go but here you're going to draw an oval that kind of goes down, dips down just like that and maybe a little bit of a belly button right there almost to the center but a little bit underneath where the center is. These are going to be the hips here so you're just going to draw two lines just like that and then you got the, the legs which will be like basically I'm just drawing where the bones would be so it would be almost like that. Then if you want to draw on the side this is where the, the skin kind of overlaps here and then make sure that you erase this part here once you got that in that's just basically is a guide to kind of show you where, where to draw and it's really helpful to, to draw in the bones when you're drawing human anatomy first just so you can kind of get an idea of the structure underneath which is very important. Then we're going to draw into, in the muscles here and that's going to be in the oval area, we're going to start off going across like that, across like that and across like that and this is going to be like the six pack here with the belly button in the middle. We're going to erase this line because it's not really needed anymore and just kind of just make two lines going in just like that. Now this is the rib cage again so we're not really going to be needing this line either because it goes, the muscles go all the way up to the pecs of the top but it is important to know where the rib cage is when you're, when you're doing this so it's important to have that there. The pecs are going to be up here so basically what we're going to do is we're going to draw a line kind of just like following that, following that out, the nipples there, neck kind of going out like this, arms and then you don't need this of course, that's just a guide for you. So you're going to want to erase that up to where the armpits are and maybe erase a little bit of the middle, the middle there cause that's not really important either and then you got the collarbone and that's basically how you draw a male pectoral muscle.


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