How to Draw Carnivore Eyes

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Carnivores tend to have a frontal vision which requires their eyes to be relatively close together. Draw carnivore eyes with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, my name's Chris and today I'm going to show you how to draw carnivore eyes. So basically when you're drawing carnivore eyes, carnivores have a frontal vision so they always are going to be a little bit closer together than any other eyes but basically I'm going to start with kind of going, just making a little swoop down like that and then on the other side doing the same thing. Then from the outside I'm going to make another swoop and bring it down to the bottom but don't just connect it, kind of like make it a little bit of a, a dip at the end there so almost so it looks like kind of like a butterfly wing. Do the same thing on this side just like that and then here's the top of the cornea thats where that's going to be, maybe if you want you can do a little bit of a highlight so we're just going to do a little, little bit of a circle there just kind of show a highlight. Make sure that you define where the eyeball is by kind of just like that, maybe where the snout is of whatever animal you're drawing kind of going down like that and a little bit of a kind of definition on the eye here. Now we're going to do the pupil and I'm going to actually do that in a different color just so that you can kind of see how it is, maybe you want to make them a little bit crazier. Usually at the top of eyes when you're drawing any kind of eyes really the top are usually a little bit darker than the, than the rest of the eye just because of the, the shadow from the eyebrow or the overhang of the eyebrow at the top so you're just going to want to make it a little bit darker just underneath the top line and maybe kind of just like draw some lines kind of coming out and make sure that they're a little more sparse as they get towards the bottom part and then the same thing on the other side, make them, make it a little bit darker at top and then as you go around the eye just kind of make it a little bit more sparse lines and these eyes look a little bit crazy but you can really do, do it however you want, there's all kinds of carnivores and you can kind of draw your eyes however you want these are a little bit on the crazier side but yeah, maybe you want to draw a little fur coming down like that and a little bit of a line just to kind of define the eyes underneath. Alright guys, but yeah that's how you draw crazy carnivore eyes and I'd look to see yours.


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