How to Draw Realistic Cats

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Drawing a realistic cat begins with a single geometric shape. Learn how to draw realistic cats with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys! My name's Chris, and I'm going to show you how to draw a cat a little more realistically today. Basically, I'm still going to start off with a geometric shape, almost just kind of like a weird looking oval for the head, where the side's a little bit elongated, kind of like almost like a football, but just a little more rounded around the edges. Then, I'm going to do the little nose here, which is just like a little triangle, color it in. And then, maybe do, like a little mouth. Now, on the edges, because kitties are a little furry, we're going to make a little bit of fur, kind of go along the cheeks there. For the eyes, we're just going to kind of do very, like, catlike eyes. So, very kind of like pointed in the edges. Just like that. And now, cat eyes also, they go up and down, instead of being circle. So, make sure that when you're drawing a cat eye, you kind of drew a, just a line like that. There we go. And, now for the ears, you're just going to have two little pointed ears going up here, just like that. Erase that original line. And then, put the inside of the ears just like that. Now, we're going to do the body. So, kind of just do, like, a long line on the back, just like that, almost like a swooping line. Tail kind of like goes up, and back like that. Now, for the legs, you're going to want to start from almost the middle of the body, and you're going to kind of just do, like, a swoop for the legs there, down again like that. And then, here's the little paw. This is also connected at the back here, so you're going to kind of want to go along like that. And now, for cats legs, they actually have, like, a bend in the bone there for the back of the knee. So, you're going to kind of want to just go back like this, and then back like that for the paw. There's a little paw. And then, maybe there's one behind it as well. So, kind of do that bend in the knee again. And, there's the back paw. Here's his belly underneath. And then, you're going to get to the front paws here. Also the bend there in the kind of back of the leg. Here's the front of the paw, and then a couple little things there. Maybe here's the front of the cat going down from the neck. So, you might want to erase some of this line here, just to kind of look like he's connected to his neck. Maybe give him a little more fur down there, and finish up with another paw in the back. And, there we have it, a little bit more of a realistic looking cat for you. Oh, one more thing: You might want to add a little whisker action. There we go. There you go, guys. And, that's how you draw a realistic cat.


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