How to Draw Puppies Easily

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Drawing an image of a puppy doesn't have to take you all afternoon. Learn how to draw puppies easily with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, my name is Chris and today I'm going to show you how to draw a puppy pretty easily. Basically I'm just going to use the geometric shapes so we're going to start with the head here, and that's basically just a circle just like that, and then you're going to want to start with the eyes so you're going two like circles in the middle, maybe has a spot around one or something. Maybe color it in just a little bit. There we go. And then for the nose you're going to make an oval kind of going long ways like that. And then you're going to get to the ears up at the top and those are kind of like triangles around a triangle. So there's one that's connected and then here's another one, and this one is kind of like maybe going a little bit behind his head. So make a little bit of a different shape. There you go. And then for the body we're going to do kind of like a gum drop. It's a giant gum drop just to make it like or like a hill. Kind of just make an arc over like that and then kind of like a bit of a rounded bottom. Just to kind of show that's where he's sitting. Then a tail, got a little arc going up the back, then maybe a little scruff going around the other side. You want to make him look like he's wagging his tail. You can kind of put some lines here on the side just kind of look like it's moving. For the feet, you're going to do one more little arc here and you're probably going to want to erase that line because the foot is in front of his body. And then you got a line here for the leg. You're going to have another foot, but this one you don't need to do a back end to because it's going to connect like this. And then you're going to do three little paws there for him. Maybe erase that line. And then we connect him at the neck, maybe he's drooling a little bit, has a tongue out, so you're going to draw a little bit of a tongue. Keep it rounded at the bottom. And then you got a little line there. Make sure you're erasing the lines for things that are in front of the face. And then you got the mouth so you're just going to do one line here and another line here. Maybe he's smiling a little bit, so there you go. And that's how you draw a puppy easily.


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