How to Draw a Jackal

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When drawing a jackal you may want to first start by outlining the body. Draw a jackal with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, my name is Chris, and today I'm going to show you how to draw a jackal. Now basically we're going to start with the body here and I'm going to keep it very geometrical just to kind of show you guys how to start off here. But we're going to start off with a circle for the head or kind of semicircle there. And don't ever be afraid to erase, too, if you guys make a mistake. All right. We got our basic head circle there. Now we're going to come down for the snout, just a little line coming off and a line going up for the ear. Also go for underneath the chin there. And this is where the eye is going to go. Then you're going to do a little line going down just for the neck. And kind of a weird almost a weird stone shape I guess just for the body. Go back along, make kind of a line that looks like kind of a weird zig zag for the feet and then this is going to be the back end or the tail. Going to make the front paws coming down here. And there's one here. And one on the other side. There's the shoulder blade. All right, now to flesh it out a little bit, I'm going to give him a little nose here. Now the chin goes down kind of like that. Got a little snout. Going to erase these lines that you kind of made for yourself just to kind of make sure that your fleshing it out makes it look a little more realistic. Those are just guidelines. But here's the first ear. It's kind of the inside of the ear, and an ear in the back. And then we got an eye. Here's the front of his neck and the back of the neck. Kind of making it look a little bit more fluffy because he does have a lot of fur. And then you're going to finish up the paws like that. Erase these lines here. Continue along the back with the kind of very sparse lines like that just to make him look a little fluffy. Here's the tail. Now the tail is coming around in front of him so it's kind of like a little bushy and coming like that. Here's his back leg which is kind of like resting behind the tail but on the side of him. And the shoulder blade. And then here's the kind of like the separation between the front fur and the back fur. Different colors. But then you're going to want to erase these lines here and then give them a little bit of a line so you can see where his leg is. Take that guy out of there. And there you go. A jackal.


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