How to Draw a Street Scene

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Drawing a street scene is a great way to practice managing a variety of elements in one image. Draw a street scene with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, my name is Chris, and today we're going to be drawing a street scene. Most important thing so know when we start off a street scene like this is the vanishing point. Which we're going to start off as a little dot in the middle. Then you're going to draw two lines kind of going up the side and that's going to start off the street. Now we're going to do that one more time because we want some sidewalks along the side, and then you're going to draw some lines going horizontally. Now another very important thing to remember when you're doing this is that as things get closer to the vanishing point, they're going to get closer together and as they get further away, like down here, they're going to get further apart. So these lines are getting kind of further apart as they're going along. Maybe do some paint the separate the street lanes. And again, those are getting closer together as they're getting closer to the vanishing point. And further apart as they get along. Now we're going to draw some buildings. We're going to start with two parallel lines there, and two lines going the opposite way. Those are going to be the tops of the buildings. And they also get closer together as they get closer to the vanishing point. There we go. Same thing on the other side. Now if you want to draw maybe a street lamp or something. You can do that closer to the front here. You're going to do like a little angle at the top. And then you're going to do two lines on the side. A little like circle at the bottom as that's the top of the street lamp. And a couple lines there. Then maybe I'll do a little bit of a yellow to show that it's kind of shining. There we go. And also if you want to draw some windows, basically you can just draw some triangles and keep going to the vanishing point in the same way you're drawing the triangles. Make sure that they get smaller and smaller as they get closer to that point. And basically you can do that on both sides of the street, making sure that it looks kind of like a street scene there. You could also draw doors or however else you want using the same technique as a triangle there. Little doorknob. If you want to draw a tree, you can draw a tree on the other side, usually on city blocks they have some dirt. There we go. Draw a little green. All right. And then basically if you want, you could draw a sun. Couple squiggly lines going off the side. All right. And there you go guys, we got a sunny street scene. Thank you very much.


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