How to Draw an Emo Star

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Drawing a star is basically all about connecting the angles. Draw an emo start with help from an artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys. My name is Chris, and I'm going to teach you how to draw an emo star today. So, if you've ever drawn a star before, basically it's all it is is connecting the angles. So, you're going to start with a line across there, a line across the top, down. And then, I like to start from the top there. And, basically you're just connecting all the loose ends there. Now, we have our star, and what I'm going to do is actually erase the lines in the inside, because we're going to do something a little bit different here. And, just kind of get all these things out of there. There we go. There we go. Alright, and now we kind of have, like, just our loose star outline. Now, in order to make an emo star, what we're going to actually do is, we're going to connect all of the points with all of the kind of angles that are going in. So, I'm going to start with the first one going down here in the middle. I'm going to start with this corner here, going down to that side. Then, we got this point, and that's going to that corner. This point, which is going to that corner. And, this point, which is going to that corner. So, you kind of have, like, a star burst in the middle, I guess. And then, basically what you're going to do is you're going to go every other opening here, and you're just going to color it in. So, I'm going to start with this one here. So, that one, actually, maybe use a little bit of a thicker marker here. There we go. And, color that guy in. Color this guy in here, and this one. Alright. And, this one here. And then, color this guy in, last but not least. Alright, guys. And, kind of make sure that everything's kind of, like, lines up a little bit at the end. Alright. Maybe extend it a little bit. Alright, guys. And, there you have your emo star. Thanks a lot!


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